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Our main aim is to keep everything running and in the top condition on your property. We provide the highest quality, most comprehensive and special property maintenance services with the most reasonable prices. We have operating in London, Greater London, since 2012 as a special property maintenance contractor.

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense. Our engineer and operative team have a vast experience in property maintenance, repair and cleaning projects. We offer the widest variety of maintenance services on the market, from the ordinary cleaning and window cleaning to the most complicated roof repairs, guttering, or any special rope access maintenance works. As Property Maintenance Contractors is a general maintenance division of Repair Abseiling Limited, we can carry out any external building maintenance project by our in-house professional abseiler team without scaffolding, thereby providing the most efficient service and the most competitive prices. By these special skills, our team can satisfy all H&S requirements and carry out the most complicated works at height safely. If you need a reliable comprehensive service for the seamless operation of your building or property and you are looking for a new contractor with the best and most comprehensive in-house service, provided the most competitive prices, or you want to swap, because you have to manage constant quality issues of your existing contractors, just give us a call for a free quotation and free consultancy. Contact us and one of our engineer will offer you a free site visit to chat about all possible options.

Your case never can be lost in a huge mess of the “too busy” schedule and tons of paperwork. We can promise and guaranty a same day answer for your email or call and the next day survey and/or completion for any of your maintenance issues.

Property Maintenance Services

traditional residential property

Residential property maintenance

The vast majority of the traditional properties and traditional buildings suffer from some absolute basic issues (leaking roof, faulty gutters, weatherproofing and waterproofing, missing pointing, damaged brickwork, worn paintwork …etc) caused by the difficult access to certain parts of the building. Our residential property maintenance specialist team provides the most reasonable and affordable solutions for any access and maintenance issues. We are an approved and trusted contractor of many property management companies throughout London, Greater London. They are happy to rely on our special skills and expertise. Over the general residential maintenance tasks, such as cleaning (regular cleaning, after tenancy cleaning, window cleaning, exterior and interior building cleaning) gardening, exterior and interior painting & decorating, tiling, glazing, …etc. our team provides any external or internal repair and refurbishment as well. Our reputation built on countless satisfied and happy customers.

block properties

Block property maintenance

Our abilities and capacity extended to any block property maintenance project as well. Many of block management companies rely on our special skills, even if some external repair or cleaning project is coming up. We have decades of experience in cladding inspection and repair, glazing-glass replacement, and curtain walling projects what is the base of our skills to manage any maintenance project on these blocks of properties. Leak inspection and repair, roofing & roof repair, ordinary glazing or high level glass replacement and cladding repairs are also covered by our services. However we are always looking for a new contract for our care taker, internal and external cleaning, window cleaning or concierge services. Our block property maintenance services do not limited to London only. We operate in South and South East of England too.

commercial properties

Commercial property maintenance

Commercial property maintenance is a little bit different undertaking, compared with any residential or block property maintenance project. We are happy to provide out of hours services for any one-off or regular cleaning, window cleaning or other repair and maintenance projects. Our customers (hotels, office buildings, and shops) always get a thoroughly planned and discipline service with the minimum disruption of the building and its facilities.

building maintenance

Building maintenance

Our building maintenance services dedicated to cover any demands from minor repairs to a complete refurbishment projects. The regular survey of all building parts and planned maintenance can help a lot to keep the building constantly running. Our specialist abseiling property maintenance team can repair or keep in a top condition any flat roofs, glass roofs or pitched roofs, clean or repair any gutters, down-pipes and hopper heads, or manage any maintenance, cleaning or repair on any inaccessible parts of the building. However our rope access maintenance services do not restricted to the major external projects only of course. We provide general maintenance service to any minor repairs, painting and re-decorating, tiling, carpentry, gardening or fixing and fitting works by our in-house team, and plumbing, heating and gas works, or electrical works by our sub-contractors. Regular and one-off cleaning is also our speciality carried out by our in-house team.



Keeping clean all parts of the building is a basic maintenance project. Cleaning the roof and the gutters and keep the rainwater management in a top condition, or clean the windows and preserve the shine of the building have a same value. Our team provides any cleaning services from the regular internal and external cleaning to the most comprehensive window cleaning or building cleaning, no matter that it is just a vacuuming of the offices, high pressure cleaning of the pavement, or a special abseiling window cleaning and external building cleaning.

roof maintenance

Roof maintenance

Keeping the roof and its facilities in a top condition is one of the most important maintenance project in case of any buildings. As this vulnerable structures are the first frontier to preserve the building against the weather conditions, it must be checked and maintained regularly or repaired if necessary. Our special property maintenance team offers a planned regular survey and maintenance or a reactive repair of any roof on any building. We have a vast experience of any flat roof, pitched roof or glass roof, leaking roof repairs and roof and maintenance. Our special roof maintenance services provides a safe and efficient working method with the best prices without using a scaffolding. Carry out any roofing and roof repair project, even on higher building is a harness based work, which requires special skills, trained, certified and experienced professionals. We can carry out any high level roofing and roof repairs without scaffolding safely, which make our professional services and prices really competitive.

gutter maintenance

Gutter maintenance

The regular cleaning and maintenance of the gutter system can prevent unwanted leaking issues, save the building from sever internal and external damages, and eventually our customers from unreasonable expenses. This basic regular gutter maintenance have saved a lot of money for our residential and commercial customers already throughout London. However sometimes we have to repair badly damaged, leaking or clogged gutters, detached down-pipes and cracked hoppers which cause serious leaking and damp issues in the building. Luckily, our professional specialist team is prepared for any guttering issue. We specialise in for any gutter repair, gutter replacement and gutter maintenance, carried out safely and really efficiently, using rope access techniques on almost any type of buildings. Our gutter maintenance services provides the best and most reliable guttering service in London, Greater London. High level gutter cleaning is also our speciality. We can carry out safely any guttering, gutter maintenance, gutter and down-pipe installation repair, reinforcement or replacement and gutter cleaning – gutter hoovering without scaffolding. Our specialist team use special techniques to access all areas and a powerful vacuum and pressure washer to clean perfectly any blocked gutters, down pipes, drain pipes, box gutters and gullies without any height limit.

Property Maintenance Contractors is the general maintenance division of Repair Abseiling Limited Special Rope Access Services.

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