Window cleaning, building cleaning

Window cleaning

Property Maintenance Contractors provides comprehensive interior and exterior window cleaning services on any residential and commercial property. Any general cleaning, office cleaning, residential interior or exterior building cleaning is a fundamental part of our property maintenance services. Our professional team carries out exterior high pressure building cleaning, stone and brick cleaning, roof surface cleaning, moss (moss balls) and algae removal from roof surfaces, gutter cleaning, gutter vacuuming, drain-pipe / down-pipe cleaning, blocked gutter and hopper cleaning, …etc.

external window cleaning

External window cleaning

Our professional maintenance and cleaning team provides external window cleaning on any residential and commercial buildings. We have a wast experience in the rope access window cleaning and building cleaning industry. Our external window cleaning services covers any window cleaning working method from the one-off builders clean, thorough window cleaning, glass polishing and water fed pole window cleaning.

internal window cleaning

Internal window cleaning

Window cleaning on internal glass surfaces is a common window cleaning project in our practice. This type of cleaning can be carried out in internal atriums, open air buildings and spacious hall areas, hotel lobby areas, …etc. These internal glass surfaces require special cleaning methods, which do not cause any internal damage on a carpet, floor, wall and other joining surfaces.

regular window cleaning

Regular window cleaning

Cleaning all windows regularly can and keep the building surfaces in a top condition constantly is a part of the basic maintenance strategy usually. Our professional window cleaning team carries out numerous regular window cleaning and building cleaning projects on a daily basis throughout London. We provide the highest quality clean on the entire building, windows and adjoining structures for our regular customers.

reach'n wash window cleaning

Reach’n wash window cleaning

Reach’n wash, long fed pole window cleaning is also provided in our services, even for our our regular customers. This simple working method makes possible to reach all windows and building surfaces up to the 4th floor height. Our 20 metres long reach and wash system is long enough for almost any traditional buildings, shop fronts, atriums, and other building parts. Regular reach’n wash cleaning can keep clean any windows, glass surfaces and buildings constantly for the most reasonable prices.

external window cleaning

External window cleaning

External window cleaning /high level window cleaning or low level window cleaning/ is one of our main cleaning services. Our professional window cleaners are highly experienced and specially trained for work at height, even via rope access / abseiling. Cleaning any glass surfaces, frames and other window parts is our daily routine.

building cleaning

Building cleaning

Building cleaning can be carried out by high pressure washer /jet wash or steam wash/, wet sand blasting or just a simple mechanical cleaning /rubbing/ with brush and soapy water, but we also can provide special chemical (bio degradable) cleaning for any heavily contaminated buildings and surfaces.

roof cleaning

Special roof cleaning

Cleaning roof surfaces, remove moss balls and algae’s is a complex undertaking. It requires adequate access to the roof surfaces, proper cleaning tools and machines, and professional teamwork to achieve the excepted high quality. Roof cleaning is a fundamental part of our roof maintenance services.

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