Gutter cleaning, gutter maintenance

gutter cleaning, gutter maintenance

Property Maintenance Contractors offers a range of cleaning services to keep your building and property clean. Our cleaning services cover all areas of the interior and exterior cleaning, such as window cleaning, roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning. As gutter cleaning is always on the top of the maintenance hierarchy, our specialist team specialise in these delicate projects. Carrying out high level gutter cleaning, using special access equipment and harness trained professionals or just vacuuming some low level gutters to clean the gutters up and prevent the gutter system from any blockage, or remove any blockage and providing free way for the rainwater have a same priority and of course, available in our services.



Guttering is one of the most important building maintenance projects on any building. Gutters and the main rainwater drainage system always must be in top condition to fulfil its purpose. Our specialist team install, repair, reinforce, and clean any gutters, down-pipes and drainages.

gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is also on the top priority when building maintenance is coming in fore. These important parts of the drainage system must be kept clean and ready to order. We provide the highest quality and most comprehensive gutter cleaning service in London. Our professional team provides regular and reactive gutter cleaning on any building.

drain pipe cleaning

Drain pipe / down pipe cleaning

Keeping clean and regularly check the conditions of the drain pipes and down-pipes is essential for good rainwater management. We can clean and keep clean all drain pipes and down pipes on any residential and commercial buildings, using a powerful vacuum and a special pressure washer designed for pipes, drain pipes.

cleaning blocked gutters

Cleaning blocked gutters

Cleaning blocked gutters, box gutters or gullies and providing free way for the running rainwater is absolutely essential gutter maintenance. Blocked / clogged gutters, and thereby overflowing rainwater can cause serious damages in the building structures and internal areas. We can manage safely and quickly any blocked gutters and eliminate the leaking issue.

cleaning blocked hopper head

Cleaning blocked hopper heads and down pipes

Hopper heads and down-pipes are also vulnerable parts of the gutter system which require attention sometimes, even if the free way of the running water is blocked / clogged, and the location of these parts require specialist’s assistance. Our professional team clears any debris from the hopper and drain pipes, with no height limit.

gutter and down pipe repairs

Repair gutters and down-pipes

Broken, damaged, detached or dislocated gutters and down-pipes require our professional assistance sometimes, even if these parts on an inaccessible part of the building. Our team can replace repair and/or reinforce any gutters and down-pipes (plastic, aluminium, cast iron, ..etc) on any buildings in London.

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